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Welcome to She-Camel

She-Camel, Making Consumers Drink Pure Goodness In The Form Of Camel Milk
Benefits of Camel Milk

Benefits of Organic Camel Milk

Nature's most Nutritious dairy beverage helps in treating following diseases:
Alcohol included Liver Damage
All Stomach Problems
Who Are Our Customers?

Who Are Our Customers?

At She-Camel, we are into supplying Raw Camel Milk, Organic Camel Milk in many quantities and maximum camel milk buying quantity is 10 Litre. For providing camel milk in more than 10 litre,

Story of She-Camel

Hi! I am Kahkashan from India, never thought to start my journey like this.
Who inspired me to do this?
Well my inspiration is our holy book Quran. How?

When i was reading one of the chapters Surah Al-Ghashiya there is a line  where Almighty is saying "Do they not look at the camel, how they are created". When i read this line it really amazed me that Almighty is actually giving instructions to find out about camel.

This really forces me to look more about camel. Since then, i started studying and reading all possible research paper. Raw Camel Milk, Organic Camel Milk is known as white gold worldwide, it has all medicinal values treating and as well as curing various medical issues.
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